360 Relocation

  • UI/UX


  • Back/Frontend


The app helps professionals relocate for their career moves. We wanted to avoid a traditional form filling experience with lots of text inputs so we developed a clean multi-choice interface that offered a super low friction experience,

Using sliders, accessible buttons and cleverly formed questions we were able to offer the client a design and experience that could be completed with ease. Far exceeding the expectations the user may have when filling out a form to relocate, the whole process takes only a few minutes. In addition to the User Experience, we also designed the brand identity - which plays on an air-balloon floating easily to it’s next destination.


  • iOS + Android


  • Full Stack


We believe everyone should have access to digital payments so we developed a platform that cuts out bank terminals and the expense involve. By developing a payment gateway that uses QR technology we’ve empowered small and big businesses alike to take payments anywhere.

The application functions in two parts, the first as a stand alone merchant app (Right). Merchants register digitally and provide their business ID and banking information. Once verified, they have full possibility to start processing payments. The design of the app allows just about anyone to initiate a payment without prior training. It’s as simple as entering an amount and asking the customer to scan the generated barcode, on completion the amount will be automatically transfered to the merchants bank account.

From the customers perspective, we offered developers an api to integrate into their apps, making the payment gateway widely available.